Olivia Martin of Architects Newspaper covers POPS on Water Street

Posted on by APOPS

Olivia Martin of Architects Newpaper writes about the Water Street zoning amendment that authorizes owners of arcades and other POPS along Water Street to apply for permission to fill in the spaces with retail uses.  APOPS founder Jerold S. Kayden is quoted in the article as accepting that, in the case of irredeemable POPSs, it is conceivable that they could be removed from the inventory for other beneficial uses.  At the same time, he argues, owners should provide community benefits in return for the additional retail space they may receive in the Water Street case. APOPS Senior Advisor Douglas Woodward is also quoted, “Retail activation in POPS is a frequently used strategy, and some of the best and most successful POPS (e prix viagra pour homme.g. the Rubenstein Atrium at the Lincoln Center, the IBM space on 57th Street, and 60 Wall Street) all have active retail.”

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