90 Washington Street

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The main part of the plaza grips the building on the west side of Washington Street and the south side of Rector Street. The Washington Street portion is an empty space but for three small freestanding planters with trees and a fourth altarlike planter with sittable ledge attached to a southern wall. The Rector Street portion is similarly vacant, except for three flagpoles surrounding a square planter near the corner, two more freestanding planters, and a semicircular planter attached to the wall of an adjacent building that once had a small waterfall and pool.

Photo: Kayden et al. (2000)
Photo: Kayden et al. (2000)

At a recent site visit, the sliver of plaza on West Street was obstructed by a chain. It, too, is an empty space dotted with several planters.


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4 User Submissions

  1. submitted by: Matthew

    This POPs has been privatized by the Clinton Beer Hall.

  2. submitted by: A

    The bar Clinton Hall took over the public space and privatized it illegally. Owner should be penalized

  3. submitted by: jp

    Nearly this entire space has been co-opted by Clinton Hall as a sidewalk cafe which has been occupying it for a number of years (so this listing is NOT up up date, as you claim). No doubt the owner of the building is collecting extra rent for this use. In the attached photos there is a sidewalk shed covering the space because of exterior renovations on the building. It has been removed. The restaurant attracts a frat boy type crowd and is very loud on warm nights.

  4. submitted by: A Local Resident

    As can be seen by the photo from Google taken in August 2021, this place has increased its dining space to about 5x’s it’s allotted interior,. Over the last several weeks, the restaurant has been painting its outdoor furniture under the scaffolding, and today is installing outdoor heaters, under the scaffolding, and at the base of a residential tower. The City continues to permit the private gain of public space.