City audit spotlights ongoing lack of POPS compliance with legal requirements.

An audit by the City Comptroller’s Office reveals that 55% of POPS locations have conditions in violation of applicable legal requirements. Of these 333 POPS locations, 275 have not been inspected by the Department of Buildings in at least four years. Of the 58 inspected, 41 remain out of compliance, yet only 18 violations have been issued to 10 of those locations. The audit results are reported in a document entitled “Audit Report on the City’s Oversight over Privately Owned Public Spaces,” dated April 18, 2017. The report is accessible here. Media coverage of the report may be found in a New York Times article written by Eli Rosenberg.

A writer for The Atlantic visits Trump Tower and asks a big question.

Robert Rosenberger writes in The Atlantic about the management of Trump Tower’s privately owned public space.  Rosenberger notes that Trump Tower is not the only privately owned public space with problems and asks “how seriously someone, in the course of doing business, takes the agreement he or she has made with the public.”

City upholds $10,000 fine for Trump Tower POPS violations

Yoav Gonen at the New York Post, among others, reports  on the August 12, 2016 NYC OATH Hearings Division decision upholding a $10,000 civil penalty levied against Trump Tower for its failure to correct an earlier violation with regard to a sales counter illegally occupying the POPS and the failure to install a public bench. The sales counters are gone, the bench is present, and a total penalty of $14,000 hopefully brings this year-long saga to an end.