The POPS at 60 Wall Street

Like it or not, the POPS at 60 Wall Street is being redone. An article in Crains New York written by long-time Crains reporter Aaron Elstein reports on new financing for the renovation and, in passing, quotes APOPS founder Jerold Kayden on what that POPS has been: “The lobby is filled with white marble columns and the room is one of the largest covered public spaces in the city, delivering what urban planner Jerold Kayden called “overtones of a New York City white-tiled subway station or a stage set for an English garden.”

San Francisco is having problems with POPS.

Several POPS in San Francisco have been shuttered since the Pandemic. One owner, with a rooftop POPS, claims that its entire building is vacant and that it would be unreasonable to require them to open the building solely for members of the public to use the POPS. Another owner is asking that their recently reopened POPS be allowed to host a number of private, income producing events in the POPS during the year. They argue that San Francisco’s downtown is ailing and that private activities in their POPS can help revive it. Alex Schultz writes about this and more in SFGATE.

Bad news with regard to POPS at 325 Fifth

It turns out that any celebration about the opening of this space to the public is premature. On May 27, 2021, the Department of Buildings issued a violation for failure to open the space to the public. A hearing has been scheduled before the Environmental Control Board on September 16, 2021. This space is a classic example of how a POPS owner fails to deliver what it is obligated to deliver under applicable legal requirements. Members of the public have complained for years about this situation yet it continues unabated. It is worth noting that, following a 311 complaint filed by APOPS|MAS  and others, the DOB did act, but that sadly does not guarantee actual or ongoing legal compliance. Here is the latest violation notice:

Good news with regard to POPS at 325 Fifth Avenue!

After many years of almost non-stop denial of access to members of the public, the owner of the POPS at 325 Fifth Avenue filed a  certificate of correction with the Department of Buildings on February 23, 2021, a certificate accepted by the DOB as evidence of compliance with applicable legal requirements. The owner was also fined $10,000. APOPS|MAS filed the 311 report that initiated the DOB inspection and notice of violation. Thanks is owed to the Department of Buildings for following through. One caveat: APOPS|MAS has not visited the POPS to see for itself that the POPS is, indeed, open.  Please take a look and report back to us at our website.



NYC Department of Building issues violation to 325 Fifth Avenue.

The POPS at 325 Fifth Avenue has been closed in violation of applicable legal requirements for many years. Following a 311 complaint filed by APOPS|MAS, the New York City Department of Buildings inspected the space on December 4, 2020, found it closed, and issued a Environmental Control Board violation. Follow the progress going forward at the DOB Building Information Search website.