17 Battery Place

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Set within a recessed area of the building, slightly north of Battery Place on the west side of Western Union International Plaza, this plaza is enclosed on three of four sides by the building, and somewhat isolated on its fourth side from the adjacent public sidewalk by a brick wall topped with a metal railing. The only access to the space is from the long, low arcade further north, around the lobby entrance. The rectangular space does offer amenities not normally found in “as-of-right” plazas, including planters and fixed chairs, tables, and benches. At a recent site visit, the space was under scaffolding and in disarray, so it is difficult to tell what will emerge in the future. Like so many others, the retail-lined arcade has become the last refuge of the banished smoker.

The legal documents possessed by the City show elevated plaza space at the northwest corner of the building on West Street. This area, however, is currently occupied by a covered parking structure that is part of the building. The City and the owner will engage in discussions to determine what obligations, if any, the owner has with regard to this area. Further information will be available in the New York City Privately Owned Public Space Database.


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