8 Spruce St
Beekman Plaza

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5 User Submissions

  1. submitted by: Chris McNally

    8 Spruce Street still looks the same as in the picture above. but a short distance away, the same building has closed off William Street between Beekman and Spruce with fencing and call it their “driveway”. Is this also a Pops? Where can I find out about the loss of William Street?

    The attached picture is from Google Streetsview

    • submitted by: APOPS

      Thanks for posting the photo and for your question. We currently do not have specific information on this POPS. We will be providing such information later this fall. In the meantime, we will try to answer your specific question more rapidly. Look here for further information in the coming days.

  2. submitted by: Isabel McRae

    The West Plaza of the New York by Gehry POPS is a good public space that attracted me due to its proximity to my office building, which is just two blocks away. I visited the space during my lunch break to eat and observed others doing the same. The space is clearly public as it provides open entry from both the Beekman and Spruce Street sidewalks yet is obviously linked to the residential high-rise at 8 Spruce Street, which has a driveway adjacent to the plaza. Despite being surrounded by tall buildings, direct sunlight hit about one-third of the space midday. I enjoyed the water features as well as the maintained landscaping. Movable tables and chairs were being used by groups to socialize and eat around, so I sat on a wooden bench. I will definitely return to this space!
    The William Street Plaza on the other side of the Gehry building is smaller than the West Plaza and is not as well-used. While people were using the benches provided, it was not as sunny or comfortable and seemed to have more people passing through than staying. There is an entrance to New York Presbyterian Hospital on one side with an access ramp and staircase which take up a significant portion of the space as well as a cordoned-off area surrounded by construction fencing. It wasn’t clear that any construction was actually going on, even though there was a sign saying “Construction Area”. From the sidewalk, this area seemed to be the entrance to a cellar-level garage beneath the adjacent high-rise. Because of the extent of the construction fencing, there is a smaller pathway to get between Spruce and Beekman Streets which makes passing through more difficult.