230 West 55th Street

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Mature trees and shrubs in white-walled planters cover much of this rectangular residential plaza located west of Broadway and the building on the south side of West 55th Street. The recessed gate may give the impression that the space is not open to the public, and in the past the gate has been locked when it should have been open. The planters create an angular pathway from front to back, where a dumpster near the service entrance is located. Seating is provided on the thin planter ledges, although the ledge outside the gate has a spiked railing. The strip of residential plaza between the primary space and Broadway has a squeezed, semicircular drop-off driveway.

The City and owner currently disagree about the nature and obligations of this space. The owner has told the City that the space is not a residential plaza at all, since, it argues, construction of the building commenced prior to the effective date of the 1977 Zoning Resolution’s residential plaza provisions. Based on available evidence, the City has concluded that the residential plaza standards did, indeed, apply to this space. The owner has agreed to provide the amenities listed below, and the City and owner will be having further discussions to resolve this issue.


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  1. submitted by: Luke Szabados

    A major renovation has occurred since this space was last catalogues on this site. The white planter wall is no more. The entrance is wide and easily understood as available for the public. 2 well positioned placards aid with this.
    While planting beds are rid of weeds, stones and gravel comprise the majority of space in front of the required sculpture, which has no identification.
    According to the informative “required amenities” placard, this site requires 12 trees only 9 are provided.
    The water fountain does not work.
    When asked why, the front desk attendant said that the new super of the building does not know how to turn it on.
    It’s good to know that these details are acknowledged whether they will get attended to in a timely manner is a different matter entirely.
    The public space near a service door to 230 W 55th is occupied as a trash collection site, which does not add appeal to this public site.
    Bike parking is used