1345 Sixth Avenue

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Like 1251 Sixth Avenue, 1221 Sixth Avenue, 1211 Sixth Avenue, and 1185 Sixth Avenue to the south, this is another large office building on the west side of Sixth Avenue with through-block space in back. Like the spaces at 1211 Sixth Avenue and 1185 Sixth Avenue, this plaza linking West 54th and 55th Streets is required by law to be open and accessible to the public. Named after one of the city’s prominent real estate families and the building’s developer, Fisher Park has been upgraded since its initial appearance in 1968, most recently as part of its successful application for City approval of an open air café along West 55th Street.

Photo: Kayden et al. (2000)
Photo: Kayden et al. (2000)

The results are good and the space is heavily used during the summer months. The rear plaza is elevated several steps above each of its flanking sidewalks. A long rectangular pool with comfortable seating ledge on the western side is arrayed with four rows of 13 water jets each that increase in height from front to back. Hovering over the space is a colorful fabric sculpture resembling a kite with three sails in red, white, and blue. Fixed tables and chairs surround three tree-filled planters with sittable wooden ledges at the northern end, while the southern end has four more planters with sittable ledges. In an age of cell phones, the pay phones stationed in front of north and south entrances may become redundant.

The remaining plaza space encircles the building. On Sixth Avenue are two flanking pools and fountains with sculptures at north and south ends. Four benches are placed next to the pools. The plaza on West 55th Street accommodates the open air café with table seating, while the West 54th Street side is lined with trees and planters.


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3 User Submissions

  1. submitted by: Paul Foster

    Closed to public for private event (Circo?) on Wednesday June 10.

    • submitted by: APOPS

      Thank you for your comment. We will look into it and report back.

  2. submitted by: luke szabados

    Partial Construction…Western plaza (functions as a through block connection) is closed for construction. The plaza along 6th Avenue is well used and permits the seating of masses of people with public benches. Unsure how kiosks fit into the space. Are those supposed to be within the plaza currently under construction? Tables are not really provided at the section currently open to the public. How long do these construction project last?