1515 Broadway

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This building was the first to use provisions from the Special Theatre District, enacted in 1967 to encourage construction of legitimate Broadway theaters as well as a pedestrian circulation network. The developer agreed to provide a new Broadway theater and two through-block spaces connecting West 44th and 45th Streets west of Broadway in return for a floor area bonus. The more famous of the spaces, at least by name, is Shubert Alley, an uncovered corridor whose width extends from the back of One Astor Place toward the Shubert and Booth Theaters, both styled in Italian Renaissance architectural motif by Henry B. Herts in 1912-1913. At show time, the alley comes alive with audience members. Shubert Alley is one leg of a two-block pedestrian network completed by a covered, outdoor, through-block passageway one block north known appropriately enough as Shubert Alley Extension, at the back of the Marriott Marquis hotel. Closer to Broadway is the pedestrian thoroughfare, a covered, outdoor, through block arcade cutting through the base of One Astor Place that provides an entrance to the Minskoff Theater, a retail outlet, and much dark glass or otherwise blank walls.


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2 User Submissions

  1. submitted by: Danielle Thomson

    A landmark location: Shubert Alley! Broadway! I almost adopted a dog from Bernadette Peters at the annual Broadway Barks charity event here once! Living history!

  2. submitted by: GEO 462 Miami University

    To improve your space, we suggest that you add more of a purpose for this space. In order to add more of a purpose you can provide to people of the theater with photo opportunities relating to the show. There should be more greenery in the space. Perhaps bring some popcorn vendors and places to get drinks. Perhaps also add seating during intermission.