774 Sixth Avenue

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  1. submitted by: Sarah Aita

    Located between west 26th and west 27th streets, this privately owned public space is always occupied. It could be accessed from both streets through a 3 meter wide gate situated in the middle of a metal fence. A scaffold is currently placed at the 26th street entrance, blocking the visual connection between both sides of the plaza.

    There are various types of fixed seating in this plaza such as linear stand-alone benches, benches connected to large tables, and two chairs connected to a small table in the middle. Such variations create appropriate seating areas for both singles and groups which makes this plaza a favorable place for many nearby employees to have lunch. Furthermore, the plaza is accessible for the physically disabled as a ramp connects the different levels of the plaza.

    Natural elements such as shrubs, trees, rocks, and pebbles contrast the surrounding built context, as well as the other soft scape elements in the plaza. Shrubs behind benches offer a sense of privacy to users who took on comfortable postures. Taller trees, as well as lighting posts, were aligned to visually separate pathways from seating areas. A limited number of rocks are scattered between the bench areas. Although their sizes are suitable to sit on, they are seldom used.