145 West 67th Street

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The main part of this well-maintained, abundantly green residential plaza is a narrow, rectangular, through-block space connecting West 67th and 68th Streets, east of the building that occupies the full blockfront on the east side of Amsterdam Avenue. Immediately inside the West 67th Street entrance up several steps is a small, shaded seating area with long and short green fixed benches. Nearby planters embrace this nook with mature trees and bushes, and stanchion park lamps evoke an earlier era of park design. To the north, across from the entrance to the residential tower, is a two-level waterfall and pool with sittable ledge, framed by colorful flowers at top. Street sounds are masked by the water noise. Close to West 68th Street are more planters and sittable ledges.

Although this residential plaza is separated from its host building by a linear through-block drop-off driveway not legally part of the public space, the separation in this case does not orphan the space. With a user group composed of building residents as well as members of the public, the space achieves one of the aspirations of privately owned public space: the mixing of public and private parties, a combination desired but not always attained in the city. The usable residual space wraps around the three street sides of the building, furnishing benches and planters on both side streets and extra sidewalk on the avenue.


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