200 East 65th Street

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This residential plaza is split into spaces in front and back of its host through-block residential building, on East 64th and 65th Streets east of Third Avenue. Located on East 64th Street four steps above the sidewalk, the primary space is pleasantly enclosed by low-rise structures on west and east sides. Well-tailored shrubs are arrayed in a deconstructed circle in the middle, complemented by an outer group of planters whose ledges were, at a recent site visit, mostly adorned with spikes. The four wooden benches that used to occupy the eastern side of the space were also missing, and the paucity of usable amenities has taken its toll on public use. In addition to removal of the spikes, some movable tables and chairs would make an enormous difference. The usable residual space on East 65th Street is little more than extra sidewalk in front of the building lobby. The piazza-like space east of the building, with its glass pyramid reminiscent of I.M. Pei’s structure at the Louvre, is not part of the public space.


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