265 East 66th Street

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The plaza wraps around the three street sides of what looks like an office tower, but actually is a residential tower, on East 66th Street, the west side of Second Avenue, and East 67th Street. On East 66th Street, a semicircular drop-off driveway deposits passengers in front of a seven-step processional stairwell, lined with pots of geraniums, leading upward to the elevated tower’s front door. Tall rampart-like granite planter walls, at times festooned with hanging ivy, curve sympathetically to the driveway, but create greater separation between sidewalk and upper levels of the plaza. Hidden away at the eastern side of the upper level, closest to Second Avenue, is a small bench built into the back of a planter.

On Second Avenue, the space is used for steps that navigate the grade changes to various retail stores and movie theaters, whose entrance is covered by a non-required arcade. On East 67th Street is empty space up seven steps from the sidewalk, with no place to sit.


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