300 East 62nd Street

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The design of the main part of this slender residential plaza extending east from the southeast corner of Second Avenue and East 62nd Street assures that almost no one will be aware of its existence. The space is visually and functionally sequestered behind a fortification of brick walls that keeps the passing pedestrian at bay. The public space plaque is on the inside, recalling the adage about the tree falling in the forest when no one is around to hear it.

This may be all to the good, however, since the small plaza could hardly accommodate an onslaught of users with its two wooden benches and extremely high ledges. Regular users are happy in their relative isolation, secure behind ramparts, backs to the brick wall, supplied with water from the V-enclosed drinking fountain, cheered by the tiny flower patch east of the canopied lobby entrance. The remaining portion of residential plaza along the east side of Second Avenue is extra sidewalk in front of retail stores. The required bike rack was missing at last site visit. Three sculptures enlivened this part of the space.


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