300 East 75th Street

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Like its neighbor at 300 East 74th Street one block to the south, the plaza at the Fairmont along the east side of Second Avenue and the south side of East 75th Street may be divided into common typologies of semicircular drop-off driveway and extra sidewalk. The semicircular drop-off driveway space, located on East 75th Street next to Second Avenue, features a fountain with six jets and a porte cochere at the front door. An arcade sits at the building entrance. A polished metal sculpture with two upright elements stands in the middle of the planted area near Second Avenue. Extra sidewalk space extends south along Second Avenue almost to East 74th Street. Four benches are located nearer to East 75th Street.

Also like 300 East 74th Street, there is a usable space in back, on the north side of East 74th Street east of Second Avenue. Here, although some of this space received a floor area bonus, the owner promised the 4,000-square-foot landscaped park as part of its application to the Board of Standards and Appeals for a variance granted in 1977. Six steps above the sidewalk and behind a metal gate, the rectangular area is comfortably uncluttered, benefited by the absence of tall buildings east and west that permits sunlight to brighten the brick pavement. Planters generously filled with trees, shrubs, and ground cover line side and rear edges. Seven backless, fixed wooden benches are located in the various nooks created by the angling of the planter wall and ledges. A fenced-off pathway to the back of the building on the western side has a small gate to the space that is usually locked.


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