45 East 89th Street

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Surrounding most of the three street frontages of this L-shaped building along East 89th Street, the east side of Madison Avenue, and East 90th Street, this plaza presents the two typical public space uses at “as-of-right” plazas connected to residential buildings. On Madison Avenue is a semicircular drop-off driveway, with five bollards standing in for the water fountain. The space on both East 89th and 90th Streets is extra sidewalk. Truncated pyramidal and rectangular planters that emerge from the paving cannot be used for sitting.


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  1. submitted by: Ken Krasne

    Due to conditions beyond my ability to understand, this completely uninviting space is also one of the windiest spots in the city. Regardless of season or time of day, the wind is always blowing force 4 or above – making it is all but impossible to stand there in the winter