40 East 94th Street

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When this public open area is public and open, as it is required to be from 8:00 a.m. to sunset daily, then it is a pleasant addition to the neighborhood. Landlocked within the lot without the access to public open area spaces, the public open area is reached past a gate and down 10 steps from East 93rd Street east of Madison Avenue, or under the building and an arcade from East 94th east of Madison Avenue. The public open area is large, roughly a quarter acre, and interestingly shaped, with a narrow finger extending eastward. At a recent site visit, this extension was closed when it should have been open. No record of City approval for such closure has been found. Immediately north of this extension is a tiny elevated terrace with a water feature. The largest body of public open area nearer East 93rd Street includes a grove of trees growing directly out of the paving. Four wooden benches and planter ledges provide seating.


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  1. submitted by: ms.willie harrison

    Is a POPS allowed to determine rules of usage, such as barring dogs?