178 East 80th Street

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The plaza associated with the Kenilworth is split into two sections and three elevations. Identified as Kenilworth Plaza by a plaque, a partially sunken, partially elevated portion is located on the west side of Third Avenue midway between East 79th and 80th Streets. The sunken area is rectangular, nine steps below the sidewalk, surrounded by several stores, including a bicycle shop that stores many of its bicycles on the public space. The elevated area seven steps above the sidewalk is above and west of the sunken area. At a recent site visit, a locked gate at the stairs rendered the space inaccessible, although it is required to be open at all times. A previous effort to enter the elevated space elicited a threat from the building management to call the police. No record of City approval for such closure has been found. On East 80th Street west of Third Avenue is the only ground-level space, in front of the building lobby. Brick-walled planters and a canopy are the only added features.



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