200 East 82nd Street

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Having just made the chronological cut before the 1977 residential plaza zoning rules took effect, this plaza presents the standard “as-of-right” uses of extra sidewalk and semicircular drop-off driveway, but at least goes one step further with the provision of several functional amenities for the public. The plaza stretches around the two street sides of this residential tower from the southeast corner of Third Avenue and East 82nd Street. The driveway on East 82nd Street substitutes three bollards for the otherwise ubiquitous fountain and pool in the half circle. In addition, however, two rows of street trees are interspersed with four reddish-brown wooden benches that are as comfortable as they are unexpected. Two more benches are conveniently located along Third Avenue. Even small touches can ameliorate standard plaza typologies, especially when they enhance usability.



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