250 East 87th Street

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The plaza encircles the three street frontages of this building, on East 86th Street, the west side of Second Avenue, and East 87th Street. Like many plazas attached to residential buildings of this vintage, the space includes two standard uses. The semicircular drop-off driveway with fountain in the half circle occupies the East 87th Street frontage at the lobby entrance, and the Second Avenue and East 86th Street sides are extra sidewalks. Spiked ledges are found in the driveway area.

At the southwest corner of Second Avenue and East 87th Street, however, is a fenced, landscaped area entered through a gate off the driveway that is unusually pleasant, if not exactly functional. A gravel pathway surrounded by well-manicured low shrubs and three mature trees leads to the back, and a plaque announces that the gates are unlocked from 8:00 a.m. to sunset. No record of City approval for the fence, gate, and restricted hours of access has been found.


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