351 East 84th Street

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This plaza features standard typologies of the semicircular drop-off driveway and extra sidewalk as it surrounds the residential tower’s three street sides on East 84th Street, the west side of First Avenue, and East 85th Street. On East 84th Street west of First Avenue is the driveway with evergreen bushes in the half circle. The arcade at the front entrance and a small pleasant space adjacent to the west side of the building each display sculpture, and one even has benches, but neither space is public. On both the west side of First Avenue and on East 85th Street is slightly elevated extra sidewalk plaza space in front of retail stores. Planters with high ledges barely usable for seating divide the public sidewalk from these elevated plaza sidewalks. At the southwest corner of First Avenue and East 85th Street, the plaza introduces a tall metal fence with a slight opening for passage.


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