235 East 95th Street

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Red brick dominates this sizable residential plaza wrapping around another Normandie Court building on East 95th Street, the west side of Second Avenue, and East 96th Street. When the sun bakes the open, south-facing portion of the primary space along East 95th Street, its brick surface could probably fry an egg. The planter next to the public sidewalk and the flanking trees do little to moderate the combustible union of open brick surface and unobstructed sun. The three-level brick-backed waterfall installed at the western edge of the space helps dramatically, however, as users at ground level may sit on surrounding ledges and cool themselves off. Other seating at the space is problematic. The space is required to provide at least 494.1 linear feet of seating. At a recent site visit, the exterior planter ledge on East 95th Street had a metal spiked railing, as did the ledges of the two planters in the primary space along Second Avenue. No record of City approval that would allow a reduction of required seating has been found. Usable residual space is located on East 96th Street, where small grassy areas flank both sides of the building entrance. The space located west of the waterfall offers an interesting bird’s-eye view of this space below, but is not part of the public space here.

Photo: Kayden, et al. (2000)
Photo: Kayden, et al. (2000)


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